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Trissola is an innovative professional hair products brand that offers effective straightening treatments and home care regimen to achieve healthy, youthful, and frizz-free hair.

We make a health-conscious decision to incorporate the most natural and nourishing ingredients for the safety of our consumers as well as the planet. Handpicked ingredients, handpicked educators, and as always: paraben, sulfate, sodium chloride free and cruelty free!

Trissola is artist-inspired, boundary pushing, professional hair products brand made for salon professionals and the everyday consumer. Born out of the love for creativity and passionate dedication to the craft of hairdressing, our mission is to inspire and nurture creativity and individuality along with hair care in professional stylists and clients around the world.

Fall Hair Trends for 2022

Fall Hair Trends for 2022

Fall is around the corner, but have you thought about what fall hair trends are on the horizon for 2022? Continue reading to get a head start on the fall hair trends for 2022. To help you get on the right track, we have outlined some of the hottest fall hair trends for 2022 that are already hitting salons.

Whether you want to keep your natural hair but make it stylish, or you want to drastically transform your look, these fall hair colors and styles will have you covered. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at how you can make fall your most stylish season yet.

Why Choose Trissola Professional Hair Products?

Founder, Lilly Balasanyan, created and launched Trissola True to fill the safety gap within the industry. This extraordinary treatment contains a low amount of formaldehyde, yet provides exceptional results with absolutely no restrictions. Lilly developed this product and a revolutionary technique in order to secure the safety of her stylists and clients. Now, both stylists and clients are able to enjoy a much more comfortable experience without sacrificing results.


Extended pay options now available for all your favorite Trissola professional hair products!