Should You Get a Keratin Treatment? By Mane Addicts:

“The Split End stuff is amazing and the Solo is some kind of a miracle! We’ve had several referrals because everyone is in love with these treatments!”

Brandy Deason


“I am a hairstylist in South Florida and have tried countless treatments trying to find one that will truly mimic a formaldehyde result while using a formaldehyde product. I will tell you that Trissola Solo has completely transformed a curly kinky haired client, who couldn’t even get a comb through their hair when wet, to someone who now runs her fingers easily through her wet hair and let’s it dry naturally. There isn’t even a hint of the frizz and kink that was there before and I am just completely blown away at the effectiveness of this non toxic treatment. Thank you Trissola Solo for providing me with a safe and effective alternative to provide to my discerning clientele.”

Laine Aronesty – Hair by Scott & Co


“I’ve been off the hair treatment wagon for a few years now, especially since the big Keratin bust of 2011, when it was revealed that most Keratin treatments had wildly high levels of formaldehyde. I just didn’t even want to go near it. But I was thrilled recently to learn about Trissola from the pros at the Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon where I get my color done in New York City. I’m a few weeks in and my hair is smoother and more manageable and more humidity-proof, which is really all I can ever hope for. (Plus, I can nuzzle my girls without worrying about chemical vapors.) The results rival Keratin but the integrity of your hair is more intact. In fact, the healing vitamins and oils in Trissola are touted as an anti-aging formula for hair. The treatment is actually nourishing, unlike traditional Keratins, which, I can attest, are ultimately are very drying.”

Michelle Brown – Blog Beauty Mama


“On January 7th, 2013, my staff and I were fortunate enough to have educator Maria Amadeo visit our salon and educate us on the new SOLO and TRUE smoothing treatments. I have hair that is fine in texture, so I was a perfect candidate to be the model for the Solo class. The results are amazing! My hair is plumped up, the shine is remarkable and my color looks even richer.

Maria left us with enough TRUE to perform a treatment the next day for one of our valued clients.  Both my client and stylist were impressed that the treatment had absolutely no odor and felt incredibly clean in the hair. The client’s hair was left with shine, body and eliminated frizz that will last for up to 6 months. Both I and the client were thrilled. With other treatments that we have used, windows must be open due to fumes and odors. To use a product that allows you not to open windows makes the staff and clients feel much safer.

We have multiple treatments scheduled in the coming weeks, which is nice being that January can be a slower month. I am thankful to work with a company that is conscious of everyone’s health and beauty.”

Julie Keating, Owner

Creative Hair Design

Middletown, NY


“Maria Amadeo has brought my hair back to life with Trissola True Keratin! My hair is smooth, silky, shiny, and frizz . As soon as Maria blew out my hair I could feel an incredible difference! The best part is that it cuts my styling time in half. I love this product and I love Maria! I cannot thank her enough for this transformation!”

Dana Hetzel


“Trissola Solo is my new favorite smoothing treatment. I had severely damaged hair from years of chemical treatments, and your product saved my hair and finally got rid of my split ends. It feels younger and healthier, and I will continue to use Solo exclusively. I’m so glad to have found a non-toxic product that is actually good for my hair in the long run, thank you!” 

Anne Hunter


“I am loving the Solo treatment! I am sending you this email from (humid) Dallas, TX, and my hair has stayed straight without me flat ironing it every day. Trissola should really advertise this product to people with ethnic hair because I have been telling everyone about it!”

Teresa Coombs